Survivors of Suicide are those that have been directly impacted by a tragedy of a suicide, often a friend, colleague or loved one.

Suicide Attempt Survivors are those that have a history of attempted suicide and possibly continue to have suicidal thoughts. No matter what type of survivor you are, it’s important that you receive support. Below you will find links for all types of support groups.

Clinician Survivors are mental health professionals who have lost a patient to suicide in the course of their careers.

  • Suicide Survivors' Perceptions of the Treating Clinician

    Seventy-one suicide survivors were surveyed about their perceptions of the clinicians who were treating their loved one at the time of death. The implications of these findings for clinical practice, legal issues, surviving suicide, and future research are discussed.

  • Surviving a Patient's Suicide

    This article from American Psychological Association cites support from other psychologists, especially for trainees, is an integral part of recovery for 'clinician-survivors.'

  • The Mental Health Professional as Suicide Survivor

    This article by Norman L. Farberow, PhD, Emeritus Professor, USC provides recommendations for helping the clinician-survivor including provision of information and education for beginning clinicians about the possibilityof such an event, procedures to follow, obilgations and contingencies to prepare for; incorporation of instructions about such an event in hospital and clinic policy and procedure manuals; and arranging for psychological autopsies and experienced professional consultations for those in outpatient practice.

  • Supporting Survivors of Suicide: Guide for Funeral Directors, 2008

    Funeral directors and the funeral services industry serve as a vital line of first response to those impacted by the profound and crippling effects of suicide loss. This guide from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center provides information on sudden loss, subtle messages that address the stigma of suicide, showing sensitivity to complex needs of survivors and coping well as a caregiver so as to prevent compassion fatigue.

  • Survivor Resources, 2006

    An extensive list of Suicide Survivor resources from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.

  • Survivors of Suicide Support Groups

    Support groups are one of the best ways to help survivors of suicide. This is a list of support groups in Los Angeles County.