• Educators and Self-injury

    This website has been developed as a resource for educators. It provides information regarding how to recognize, understand, and respond to self-injury.

  • Games Adolescents Shouldn’t Play (GASP)

    Set up by families of Choking Game victims, GASP is a global nonprofit campaign that fights this “game” with the most powerful weapon at our disposal: education

  • LifeSIGNS (Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support)

    This website comes from a British organization whose mission is to offer a vibrant, unique and comprehensive selection of resources, support and fresh information that everyone affected by self-injury can relate to and benefit from.

  • S.A.F.E. Alternatives

    S.A.F.E. ALTERNATIVES® is a nationally recognized treatment approach, professional network, and educational resource base, which is committed to helping youth and others achieve an end to self-injurious behavior.

  • Self-Injury/Cutting

    Information on symptoms, causes, risk factors, mental health and pharmaceutical treatments for those engaging in SI from the Mayo Clinic.