California Suicide Facts

Suicide is the eleventh leading cause of death in California. Every year approximately 4,167 Californians lose their lives to suicide; more suicide deaths are reported in our state than deaths caused by homicides. On average, twelve Californians die by suicide every day. Suicide and suicidal behaviors occur among all age groups and across all socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

Governor Jerry Brown has made youth suicide prevention a priority by enacting legislation requiring school districts to create suicide prevention board policies. AB2246 requires school districts to address suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention (follow-up) in schools that serve students grades 7-12.

The California Strategic Plan on Suicide Prevention: Every Californian Is Part of the Solution (Plan) is built upon the vision that a full range of strategies, starting from prevention and early intervention, should be targeted to Californians of all ages, from children and youth to adults and older adults. The Plan is a blueprint for local and state-level action.