Glen Masuda, Ph.D.

Associate Divisional Director
Asian Pacific Family Center - a division of Pacific Clinics

This section focuses on diverse populations and issues in suicide prevention; they highlight the populations of children and adolescents who are more vulnerable to suicide than others.

The Diversity section focuses on specific groups who may be at greater risk of suicide. One such group are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender or Questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Research indicates LGBTQ youth are particularly at-risk, if they have experienced parental rejection or have been exposed to violence or bullying by their peers. Researchers have found a connection between bullying or being bullied and suicide in children.

Resources for students in our juvenile justice system can also be found in this section. Students in the juvenile justice system are at higher risk for suicidal ideation. These students can benefit from a system of mental health support as they enter and transition out of the juvenile justice system.

Another diverse population are our nation’s veterans and their families. Research indicates veterans are at much greater risk for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as alcohol and substance abuse. A section in Diverse Populations directs veterans and their families to comprehensive services, resources, and information.

Suicide is complex and can have widespread impact in a school community. The web pages in Special Issues focus on some of the unique issues associated with youth suicide. For example, suicide is a contagious behavior in youth and after a suicide occurs in a community there is a greater risk of contagion. In addition, research indicates that although suicide clusters are rare, they tend to be most prevalent among adolescents and may account for 1–5% of teenage suicides and 100–200 deaths annually.

This section also offers information and resources on additional special issues such as communities, health and behavioral health resources, as well as firearms and internet safety.