Survivors of Suicide are those that have been directly impacted by a tragedy of a suicide, often a friend, colleague or loved one.

Suicide Attempt Survivors are those that have a history of attempted suicide and possibly continue to have suicidal thoughts. No matter what type of survivor you are, it’s important that you receive support. Below you will find links for all types of support groups.

Clinician Survivors are mental health professionals who have lost a patient to suicide in the course of their careers.

Clinician Survivors

  • Clinicians Who Lose Relatives to Suicide

    Vanessa L. McGann, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in NYC and a survivor of her sister’s suicide. This article shares insights and themes experienced by clinicians following the suicide of their client or a family member. Other resources associated with suicide are available.

  • Surviving a Patient’s Suicide

    American Psychological Association article on how support from other psychologists is a part of the recovery process for “clinical survivors.”

  • Clinician Survivor Task Force

    This site provides information and resources for clinicians who have lost a patient and/or family member to suicide.

Losing Someone to Suicide

Suicide Attempt Survivors