Alvaro Alvarenga

Parent Community Involvement Specialist
Parent Community Services Branch, LAUSD

Parents and students share a critical role as gatekeepers in youth suicide prevention. Parents want to know how to be the very best caregiver to their child. They want to know the factors that may put their child at risk for suicide and what to do and who to turn to for help. Students want information on suicide prevention and depression and they want to know how to help a friend they suspect might be thinking of hurting themselves. Should they keep their friends suicidal intentions a secret? Should they tell someone? Very often, parents and students turn to the schools for guidance, support and links to the critical resources in their community.

In the Parents section, Parents will find a multitude of handouts and links that address:

  • The role of the parent in suicide prevention
  • The emotional impact of a suicide attempt on families
  • Links for resources in Spanish
  • Tips for parents if they think their child might be depressed
  • Information of the use of medication in treating childhood and adolescent depression
  • Tips on helping their child cope with loss, trauma, violence, natural disasters, bullying, and economic stress
  • How to deal with the Internet and create Cyber-Safe Kids and Cyber-Savvy Teens

In the Students section, Students will find information, resources and links that address:

  • The role of the student in suicide prevention
  • Information for students on how to help themselves as well as their peers