• National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – United States / California

    NAMI’s efforts are focused on educating America about mental illness, supporting mental health in schools, and advocacy for mental health as a national priority. NAMI offers a variety of peer education and training programs, initiatives and services for students, parents, family members, health care providers, and the public. NAMI’s advocacy is based on grassroots leaders who work to influence national public policy.

PBS Suicide Prevention

For students from 7-12th grade. It takes one or two 50-minute periods for activity plus 30 minutes for viewing the PBD video. (Free)

PBS Videos

Videos include In the Mix: Depression On the Edge and Dealing with Death.

Kids Health Grades 9-12 Suicide Prevention

Lesson plan for grades 9-12. (Free)

Kids Health Grades 6-8 Suicide Prevention

Lesson plan for grades -8. (Free)

Directing Change Suicide Prevention Lesson Plan Guide

Teaches warning signs and how to offer or gain help. Includes optional activities. The PowerPoint presentation and lesson plan can also be accessed at http://www.directingchangeca.org/schools/ (Free)

Choices 2: Reaching Out

Crisis Centre video and workshop package prepares youth to reach out to get help for themselves and their peers to overcome suicidal feelings. Includes young adults whose lives were touched by suicide. (Cost Involved)

A Cry for Help

For middle and high school, A Cry for Help educates young people to recognize the signs of depression and suicide in their peers. It includes a video and resource guide. (Cost involved)

Response (Columbia Care)

Response is a comprehensive high school based suicide prevention program designed to increase awareness, heighten sensitivity to depression and suicidal ideation, change attitudes, and offer response procedures to refer a student at risk for suicide. It includes: an Implementation Manual; video; four 50-minute lesson plans; and an In-Service Manual for delivering a 2-hour staff training. (Cost involved)

Student short films for lessons